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Sal Peer

The Funnels Chef

Over the past decade, Sal has personally built over 200 sales funnels and websites for entrepreneurs in different niches.

Sal’s boutique marketing agency currently manages successful campaigns with ad budgets reaching $150,000 per month.

Known as the Oracle for his coaching expertise and nicknamed “The Funnels Chef” for his design and development of wildly successful websites and sales funnels.

In recent years, Sal decided to give back to the community by creating free training programs for entrepreneurs seeking effective online marketing strategies.

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Sal Peer, Funnels Chef
Sal Peer. Funnels Chef. Press

Bet On Yourself and


After walking away from dating industry, Sal, who had recently moved back to Miami from Los Angeles founded Social Brim. An agency focused on helping local business brands tell their stories on the net.

Securing early clients like the Mayor of Miami Gardens, CEC Wash Park, Fidelity Trading, and many others.

Today, Social Brim represents over 200 entrepreneur’s and business owners all over the world and helps with their digital marketing and sales funnel efforts.

Recently, Sal Peer launched Funnels Chef which gives Sal the ability to personally contribute to the education and growth of businesses and entrepreneurs.

The Funnels Chef initiative is dedicated to delivering high-quality training programs to increase exposure and create automated systems for handling the sales.

Funnels Chef is all bout income-producing sales funnels and marketing strategies that actually work. The project is designed to help businesses compete with the growing costs of marketing in this digital economy.

Today, a father of two, Sal Peer lives in Orlando, Florida. Sal coaches 24 lucky people per year while his agency handles the work load for his students. Combining strategy and mindset with agency services.

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Sal is most active on Facebook and releases daily content featuring special guests like Jim Edwards, Akbar Sheikh, Mike Long, Bailey Richert and many more marketing influencers.

Sal also shares part of his days through his stories and does group coaching in private groups.

Facebook: @funnelschef
Instagram: @funnelschef
Twitter: @funnelschefsal

Full Name: Sal Peer

Other Names: Speer, Funnels Chef

About: Digital Marketing Jedi and Certified Google™ Partner.

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